The Book of Soltana: Friends – 59

Friends Gideon Skylon   He watched, completely baffled by the scene he was witnessing. Baxter was being smothered in the attention of the angel, demon, and Void. Void herself was projecting hands that was rubbing at the dog’s back. Amy was massaging the poor dog’s head, his eyes closed shut. Slate was mildly interested, squishing […]

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After Megiddo: The Book of Gideon Synopsis ACT 1 The Book of Gideon: Freeze – 1 The Book of Gideon: Preparations – 2 The Book of Gideon: AI – 3 The Book of Gideon: Empire – 4 The Book of Gideon: Fight – 5 The Book of Gideon: Overdose – 6 The Book of Gideon: […]

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Character Spotlight: Shindow

Shindow was conceived at the same time as Gideon and Baxter. In that regard, they were narrative triplets. Shindow would be the more level-headed of the group, keeping the team focused, despite whatever shenanigans Baxter or Gideon would pull. Her character shaped anforms and AI, creating the biracial species. Or would you call sentient machines […]

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The Book of Gideon: Rescue – 34

Thus begins the fourth and final act of Book 1. New? Start here!  Unknown Dusk Moon Shindow Please be alright. Please don’t die. Gideon… Baxter… Shindow powered up the Ferrum in a rush, the thrum of the engines were a symphony to her. She ran the borrow protocol and began the process of digging itself […]

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