After Megiddo: The Book of Gideon Synopsis ACT 1 The Book of Gideon: Freeze – 1 The Book of Gideon: Preparations – 2 The Book of Gideon: AI – 3 The Book of Gideon: Empire – 4 The Book of Gideon: Fight – 5 The Book of Gideon: Overdose – 6 The Book of Gideon: […]

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The Book of Soltana: Compiler – 25

Skylon Gideon   “Shit, shit, shit!” Gideon swore as he snap-shot into the demon. The rapid click snap of the rifle whispered as it spat deathly sabots. The fifteen round burst cut into the demons skull, neck, and torso, splaying the area with fragmented skull, torn flesh, and black blood. The subsonic rounds punched into […]

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The Book of Soltana: Gift – 2

Surprise chapter release. Merry Christmas. More releases until New Years. -Bladed Pen Decima, Enroute to Lo IX Gideon He peered at the sealed white crate, seeing obvious writing scribed upon the mystery package he had picked up inside the Decima when they were first marooned upon the grey ash moon of what they discovered was […]

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Character Profile: Gideon

Our main protagonist went through many iterations. Gideon McDonough being a part of corporatic royalty from a different era fit the bill. Having a character who is both removed from our modern times and from the universe of Megiddo would give the readers a character who had as much knowledge as them; none. Fish out […]

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Author’s Notes: The Future

Well, missed my 43-day streak by minutes. Oh well. Vanity. Anyways, the future of the series is pretty well set in my mind. And in many cases on paper. Here is the order of books: The Book of Gideon – Complete The Book of Soltana – Ongoing The Book of Tettra – Ongoing The Book […]

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