Not a Chapter: Author’s Notes

We’re in the midst of the second act, with Soltana walking and knowing more of herself, Gideon meeting the inhabitants of the post Armageddon existence, and the strange branded shape-shifting creature known as Maw. I had hit an issue when writing The Book of Soltana in that people still desired to read about Gideon and […]

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The Book of Soltana: Skylon – 16

Decima, Aboard the Skylon Gideon Gideon suited up. His nerves were tense at the idea of meeting new strangers. Or enemies. He equipped the priceless heirloom, his platinum filigree QSD. The gold connectors clicked into place, an electrical jolt went through his spine to alert him of the successful connection. He felt his mind updated […]

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The Book Soltana: Walk – 15

Underrealm Soltana Soltana awoke with the dream still fresh in her mind. The woman named Tettra was a curious one. The dream had brought her to another new place, giving her the hope she may one day travel, to see this Archaeology guild House Cyaxares in the Basilica Conurbation of Saint Peter on Magara of […]

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The Book of Soltana: Haze – 14

Underrealm Maw Maw shook herself, coming back to lucidity, her eyes going back to their golden yellow. She looked around, seeing three Trows standing and staring into the distance like empty puppets. She glanced down at her hands and chest, seeing she was in the form of a Trow, armored with scrap plating. She had […]

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The Book of Soltana: Char – 13

Underrealm Borscha Borscha the Trow fire gauge whipped up another wall of fire, sending it in between his box of firewalls. It was a common trick of his that had worked perfectly. As the creature attempted to rush in around the main wall of fire protecting him, he’d create a corner on the aggressed end. […]

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The Book of Soltana: Prowler – 12

Underrealm L’yophin L’yophin was scurrying about his ranch, chasing a group of gobs. Apparently more had made it over the fence than expected. They had all scattered, giving L’yophin a hard time. He had a sack shouldered on his thorax that kicked with movement. He chased them around his dekapillars. They were tiny and nimble, […]

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The Book of Soltana: Directive 11

Underrealm Soltana Soltana Dreamed. She stood alone in a massive hall, the ceiling stood several hundred feet high. Chandeliers made of ornate brass emitted a deep blue LED light. The walls were lined with brass design and black stone. She could see for some distance, the hallway faded to black beyond her line of sight. […]

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