Author’s Notes: Update

I’m not dead yet. I’ve been terribly busy. Or terrible and busy; whichever. What I can say is I am currently rewriting After Megiddo, streamlining the story and making it more interesting to read. We hit the plot points sooner, the characters will be more fleshed out. Most of the major plot points will remain […]

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The Book of Soltana: Skylon – 16

Decima, Aboard the Skylon Gideon Gideon suited up. His nerves were tense at the idea of meeting new strangers. Or enemies. He equipped the priceless heirloom, his platinum filigree QSD. The gold connectors clicked into place, an electrical jolt went through his spine to alert him of the successful connection. He felt his mind updated […]

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Character Profile: Baxter

Character Profile: Baxter Baxter is one of those characters that wrote himself over time. I didn’t intend for him to be the character that he is. During test reads, he turned out to be the most popular character. Followed by Gideon, and then the third most popular character was surprisingly Gideons father, Mikial McDonough…  Funny […]

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