Anomaly-011: The Durable Prince

Anomaly-011 and Anomaly-011-A Moniker: The Durable Prince Anomaly-011 Threat Level: Gamma 3 Anomaly-011-A Threat Level: Beta 1 Combined Threat Level: Gamma 4 Description: Anomaly-011 discovered on the ruined planet of CONFIDENTIAL. Anomaly-011 appears to be a six and a half foot tall grey gargoyle, thin, and wiry with some muscle density. Anomaly-011 has one set […]

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Anomaly-010: The Black Cube

Anomaly-010: Moniker: The Black Cube Threat: Iota 1 Description: Anomaly-010 is 4 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches in a perfect cube shape. Anomaly-010 is described as the color of ’empty deep space’. Subject’s testimony declared they could not feel Anomaly-010 with sense of touch, weight, smell, light, or perception. Anomaly-010 leaks low levels […]

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Not a Chapter: Updates and Book 3

It’s been too long. I’ve been busy with life, relationship, and work. The first book is about 50% rewritten, which I will be updating the older chapters. I have removed many superfluous chapters which will be added later as new content. Book 3’s draft is almost complete. Tetra’s rewrite is underway, which will be posted […]

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Author’s Notes: Rewrites

Happy 4th of July! I am currently rewriting the first book as we speak, where I will then upload here again. Expect a lot of activity sometime this month!  I am about 1/3 the way through the rewrite, with most of it frontloaded for the first chapters as they needed the most help. The later […]

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