Not a Chapter: Author’s Notes

We’re in the midst of the second act, with Soltana walking and knowing more of herself, Gideon meeting the inhabitants of the post Armageddon existence, and the strange branded shape-shifting creature known as Maw. I had hit an issue when writing The Book of Soltana in that people still desired to read about Gideon and […]

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Character Spotlight: Soltana

I am unsure of how Soltana’s character came to be. Same with L’yophin the Dugrum. It started simply with a strange Anform lost underground, only to be discovered by a curious spider. Her memory was borderline erased, leaving her name fragmented. She is different from all the other characters as she is completely broken from […]

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Going Quiet

Letting you all know I’ll be taking a break with Christmas and the new job. I do have a surprise waiting in the wing. Maybe get on and check during Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚ Until next time.

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Teaser: The Book of Soltana

Here is a teaser of the next book. After Megiddo: The Book of Soltana.   Rescued from her stone tomb of eternity from a strange alien life form named L’yophin, Soltana awakens to find herself as a guest in her savior’s mansion. Being just the sole surviving head of an ancient automata leaves her solely […]

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Spotlight: Quantum Storage and FTL

For Quantum Storage Devices, or QSD, The idea occurred to me from a forgotten scientific paper/article of a scientist/engineer talking about the largeness of data and what it would mean once we get past yottabytes. He made an off-hand comment about how we could store X amount of matter after yottabytes. The idea was born […]

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