Author’s Notes: Update

I’m not dead yet. I’ve been terribly busy. Or terrible and busy; whichever. What I can say is I am currently rewriting After Megiddo, streamlining the story and making it more interesting to read. We hit the plot points sooner, the characters will be more fleshed out. Most of the major plot points will remain and superfluous items will be discarded.

Tettra (now Tetra) is getting rework from the ground up. Intuitive writing is weird. I could never get her story to work and she ran out of steam after the train. Nothing felt right. It struck me in a moment of quiet as many ideas want to do. And now the writing has blossomed.

For Soltana, I’ll flesh out some of the details such ad L’yophin’s war wound, Ruth attracting the wicked Trows with her glowshroom abilities and removing most of Basil’s accent. It’s too heavy. Book three will be about Tetra with some focus on Gideon and possibly Soltana. They will happen in such a way that you can read book 2 and 3 out of order. It will be tricky, but I think I can work it, as if both books will be split universes, meeting together at book 4. More to come.

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