Author’s Notes

Hello readers, I hope you’ve enjoyed the second book in the After Megiddo series, The Book of Soltana. It was a blast to write that September of last year having found myself a part of a layoff. October rolls around and the book was complete, having written and rewritten the majority of it during that 30 day period. After posting it online, the feedback was unanimous: Where’s Gideon?? Yes the book focused on Soltana, but I then felt it best to make a sidestory for Gideon. It was small, but had great impact. I will rewrite that later, changing some details. Overall I liked it and the new characters (Slate and Amy). Maria Monday Lewis kind of lost purpose halfway through, which she will be touched up.

As I joined a writing group, I intend to rewrite the first book to make it more enjoyable a read. I have cut down on  many superfluous chapters, taking the best from them. The major plot point (the flight) happens at chapter 6 now instead of 10. Every chapter I cut will add another chapter; perhaps with other characters. Tettra is getting a rewrite. She is definitely missing ‘it’ that Baxter or Genius Loci has. In fact, going by my intuitive writing, she is not Tettra, but ‘Tetra’. And Tetra is not human. What will she be? Stay tuned for the rewrite as I release here. Soltana, as a character, is pretty dang near perfect and will get some tweaks. Dreams will be tweaked too for the changes. Stay tuned. More character posts are inbound.

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