The Book of Soltana: Guardian – 55




She dreamed.

She was in deep space, floating in her massive form. In front of her was the glory of a white supergiant sun with black corona. The universe’ massive expanse was splayed wide for her. She was gently drawn in by the subtle gravity of her creator.

He spoke.

“Soltana, my child, you’ve made your first steps. You’ve fulfilled the first of your callings. To know and understand yourself. And to walk.”

He continued, his voice taking on a pained edge.

“I wish there was another way of telling you, but you needed to see it to comprehend it.”

“Adonai, my lord. What happened?”

“Tragedy. Utter tragedy,” said Adonai, his voice pallid and hollow.

“The Ark of The Covenant, the home to trillions was stolen,” Adonai explained.

“Who would do such a thing?”

Soltana heard no response. She felt it. A deep trembling sigh. One of a pained father.

He continued.

“…And with that, flung part of my being into Void’s very core.”


“The one you witnessed near the end in the blackness of Nothing.”

“Void was given the one thing it was not; at great agony.”

“It, she, was given existence. Life. Something.”

“She broke and split into two. The first half is childlike and mischievous, the second is brutal and cunning.”

“Void and Entropy. Sister and brother.”

“Set with one goal,” Adonai stated with sadness.

“War with me.”

Soltana silently processed what she had just heard.

“They both blamed me for the supposed attack and invasion. They blamed me for the violation that broke her.”

“Instead of having war here in the galaxy, destroying creation itself. I took the host of heaven and left. Both to find and recover what was lost, and also to prevent tragedy. Anywhere my being was, Void and Entropy would attack.”

“I left behind the Son to upkeep and encourage until the time of my return. He never made it to the first planet of his procession.”

“The moment heaven rallied for the crusade and left, other parties struck. Demons, Fallen angels, The Church of man, and more.”

“I battle Entropy constantly to win back what is mine; my people, my children. Right now neither of us gain more than paltry victories. A standstill. The times in between the fighting is when we meet. And when he maneuvers.”

“The holders of the Seals are to be raised up and meet with one another. So is the first task.”

“You and Ruth must meet the two others,” God exhorted.

She felt everything fade away.

The dream ended.

Soltana awoke with new feelings and a new energy, despite the horror of her dream, the loss of her creator Barman, the rescuing of Mikial and his daughter Amelia to Earth, and seeing Void.

She had a new body. She ran a systems check to confirm.

Name: Soltana

Race: Lambent

Warning: no signal

Remaining Power: 7499/7500 QC

Inventory: 0/128 SB

Location: Underrealm, L’yophin Manor

Time: Twilight


Dreams of a Lambent

Soltana’s Contentions

Seal Compass

Solar Weld

She had it. She finally had inventory. It was only one-hundred and twenty-eight Shilentobytes which needed one thousand to equal a dombyte, but it was enough to store critical goods. She remembered her third creator and checked her theonware.


Memory: Healing

Creator: Mikial T. McDonough (Earth)

Creator: Barman (Destroyed)

Creator: Tangence (Missing)

Calling: The Guardian

Processes: 128


Not only was her final creator shown, but her calling had been implanted into her Theonware.

She was ready. Her eyes opened, glowing red instead of blue. She knew what it was. It was the color spectrum. She was starting off as the coldest of the heat spectrum; red. She remembered in her dream destroying the demon, she had used white energy, which was one of the hottest. That was what she would obtain one day. She also had one hundred and twenty-eight processes now, which was huge for task automation compared to her previous unknown.

Soltana stirred, trying to move, but was restricted by her cocoon.

A quick jab and tear with her pointed arm had her falling loose to the floor with a clatter. She felt more durable, receiving no feedback from the fall.

“Diniel have mercy! Already!?” A voice shouted.

“Whoa! She’s…”

“Tiny!” Dirk shouted.

Soltana felt herself being lift up by a pair of dark green hands, staring into the eyes of a curious Basil.

“Soltana! Lassie, is tha’you?” Basil asked in awe.

“Hello Basil,” Soltana responded, her systems trying to calibrate the new body. She felt like an infant.

Basil gently brushed the side of her head with the back of his hand.

“Marvelous…” He murmured.

He placed her down on her feet.

She stood for a whole two seconds before clattering to the ground.

“Oh, it looks like this is all new,” Soltana stated plainly.

I’ll need to figure out how to balance.

She went deep into her systems and began writing modules, scripts and theonware.

Create module: Balanced Steps?

Description: using your internal stabilizers, you can keep on your feet at all times.



Module created!

Soltana stood back up, her module taking over. She began to test her feet, stepping to and fro to test her balance. She raised her arms, peering at them, seeing their hollow chassis. It was strange, but probably the only way the chrysalizing process could organize a full adamantite body. She knew the adamantite was hollow, with quantum bioneurons and fiber muscles within. She inspected the fingers on her right hand, knowing that the internals were an adamantite skeleton wrapped in an airtight adamantite fiber. Quantum bioneurons were denser in the hand, making it very sensitive to the touch. She turned, seeing the large eyes of the goblin Dirk staring at her in wonder.

The goblin asked in a whispered tone.

“What’s it like?”

“It is perfect,” Soltana replied, feeling contentment with her new form.

“Soltana, now tha’you’re awake, we nee’ to prep an’leave.” Basil began, pushing himself out of his sitting position with great effort.

“Basil, you’re hurt! What happened?” Soltana said with worry as she gracefully stepped to him.

“Oh it’s nothin’. Shesh!” Basil replied with a stifled weeze as Soltana poked his side.

“Broken rib. Cracked skull. Microfractures all throughout. You are not well.”

Soltana stood in front of the hogboon and looked up at him.

“What happened?” Soltana demanded.

“They foun’ us, Soltana. Fas’er’than we though’.”

“Lucifer’s angels.”

Soltana went silent, her form trembling slightly.

“An’a demon god of grea’ power,” Basil added, sitting back down. He couldn’t stand.

“Where is everyone?”

“Battlin’ them, I assume. Diniel is here. I suspec’ the Fae are on their way. Or still drownin’ in tea parties,” Basil replied with a wince.

“I’m going.”

“No, you canno’-” Basil began as he tried to grab her, but gasped with pain as he fell over.

“Dirk, take care of Basil.”

“Ok, crawly mommy!”

Soltana paused at that.


“That’s what we called you as gobs. Crawly mommy!”


“P-please call me Soltana,” She said with a stammer.

“And take care of Basil.”

“Ooh kay…” Dirk replied with a whine.

Soltana began to leave, but not without protest from Basil.

Soltana, don’ go! We have to escape!”

She ignored his comments. The decision had been made the moment Basil told her.

“Fulfill your calling.”



Soltana stepped off the hangar bay ramp of the Sigmafly and onto the rocky outcropping. She could feel the rough stone under her feet. She continued testing her legs, making sure she wouldn’t fall. She stepped onto the field of moss and stopped. There she felt it. The soft moss under her feet. She could feel the green moss for the first time. She stared at the moss plains, spotting a nearby glowshroom. It gazed back at her with a smile as it sang. It was Twilight, with the strange glow worms all along the ceiling glowing as stars. She continued on, promising to sit and soak in this feeling later. Her friends needed her help.

There she tested out her legs further and ran. Her module kicked in, keeping her stable. She ran as she pondered the events with Barman. In a supposed selfish act, he had thrown Mikial and Amelia to Earth, a strange unknown planet. Barman implied he changed the future by doing so. That had meant Mikial and Amelia were originally lost during the Ark of The Covenant’s journey into Nothing. She had little idea what happened to those trapped inside, but based off of Void’s agony, it was probably not good. She was glad she didn’t see the other one; Entropy.

She could remember distinctly Void’s cry of pain as the Ark of The Covenant merged with her. It probably would have been comparable to suddenly have a tree grown in one’s skull and spine. At being given life energy, enough to split into a second more powerful being. A more malevolent being who sought war against Adonai and the kingdom of heaven.

And his people.

Adonai spared the blowback against the universe and went with his forces to battle and rescue his lost sheep. It sounded like he was trying to free those that were trapped. And then Emmanuel’s disappearance was concerning to her.

“Where did you go?” She asked.

No one answered.

A lance of green energy blossomed in the sky, signifying she was getting close.

She ran, seeing the battlefield was bereft of moss, the rockland was scorched black. There were beings, frozen as statues. A green emerald being holding a struggling Ruth and the Scarabaeidae crippled on the ground.

She spotted several beings among the frozen, including a copy of the one that was agressing Ruth.

“No! I will not standby!” Soltana promised.

She sped up, her tiny legs maxing out her speed.

Ruth was dropped to the ground, thrashing about in agony. She could hear the screams of pain. And then Ruth went still as a sinking mound of flesh. She was close enough to hear.

“Well? Ruth, my love, are you coming?” The being of emerald asked. It sounded full of mockery.

“Ruth? Ah, she blacked out…” he stated as he kicked at Ruth.

Anger built up in Soltana at seeing Ruth casually beaten.

The Emerald being began to mime a parody gesticulation with his hands, pausing on each word.

“I guess I accept that as a contr-”

“You will not touch her!” Soltana shouted, her voice boomed. The being of green stopped, turning to address her.

She heard L’yophin cry out.

“Soltana, no! Run!”


The being of emerald turned, cocking his head.

“What is that?” The being asked.

The emerald one squealed in delight at seeing her.

“Oh my gods, she’s adorable!” He cried, putting his hands to his mouth.

“You have the Seal, the same as my love! Two Seal holders, this is terrific! Now I can collect you both-”

“I will not allow this!” Soltana shouted.

The being looked mildly annoyed at being interrupt.

“Look, Tiny Tin, I’m taking my love and my daughter as she requested I did. To spare all of you. But now? I think I’ll take you, too. You never get opportunities like these!”

Rage built up inside Soltana.

She knew exactly who this was.

This was the creature that transformed Ruth.

That hurt Ruth.

That violated her by implanting the spirit of an infant god inside of her.

Her Seal blazed from orange to white, the power flowing inside her.

“You will take no one!” Soltana cried out, pointing her needle focal point arm at the being.

“I do as I please.” The being replied, his voice boomed with unsettling intensity as he began to move to her. She felt a pressure on her, similar to Void, similar to Lucifer. He was as strong if not stronger.

The pressure did little more than wafting smoke. She was a Lambent, wholly immune to such things.

Hm. Which means Lucifer used more than just her presence, Soltana concluded.

She focused her rage and desire to protect her friends into the single point. A red thread of light shot from the point, her Solar Weld module activating alongside the Seal. The hair-beam of solar energy punched through the being’s defenses, vaporising the cracked porcelain in a clean threaded hold that ran out the back of his skull. The being stopped, confused by the damage it just received. It felt at the burn wound at its skull, feeling the tiny hole. He dug his finger into the wound, returning bits of ash that he slowly thumbed around on his fingers.

“An exorcist…” he murmured as he looked back at her.

“Was that it-”

A massive red lance flowed past, roaring with the din of a falling star. The right hand of the emerald being was now a blackened charred stump.

“You interrupted me again,” The being lost its mirth, changing his voice again.

Soltana floundered internally at missing.

“Ray of Jade.”


Soltana was struck full with the blast of the green cone of energy. She felt herself instantly heat up to the temperature of the core of a sun.

And then instantly cooled down to below zero.

The ground around her melted to slag, her body billowed with steam at the super condensation. The wind whipped around at her the sudden temperature changes. She moved out of the crater, lest she become embedded in the cooling slag. The admanatite took the temperature and absorbed all of it.

The being shouted with newfound glee, his previous temper gone.

“Adamantite! You’re made completely of adamantite. How exciting,”

A massive green tentacle formed form his back, the size of a small building. He let gravity do the work as the tentacle ponderously fell atop her. The shadow darkened everything; doom dropped upon her.

Soltana felt it. She would not retreat. He would have to take her apart to her barest piece before she would give up. The tentacle crashed down, stopping cold against an edged red glowing shield that resembled an axehead. The tentacle’s weight split itself in half along the shield’s edge crashing to either side of her. Her Seal had protected her.

The emerald being opened his mouth wide in wonder at what he witnessed.

“You are a vexing thing. What are you?” he asked, his smile blossoming again.

“You will not touch her. You will not harm anyone!” Soltana’s replied, her anger spilling out.

I am unsure if I can beat him. If I can stall for time, maybe the others can.

She fired another Solar cannon round sweeping it at the god’s torso. His upper torso lept off his lower, dodging the shot completely. With a boom of noise he was in front of her, grabbing her by her shoulder and picking her up to eye level. Her needle arm was pincered by two fingers, pointing up, ineffective for counter attack. At least from that body part.

“What are you?”

“Defeat me and I will tell!” Soltana shouted. Her eyes flared to life, emitting a wide cone of solar energy, cooking the outer flesh of the god to charred black. The god flung her up sky high as he recoiled from the blow.

She hit the ground hard, her feedback displaying the damage.

Warning! Minor kinetic shock damage received!

She ignored it as she lept back to her feet, seeing the face of the god, charred and ruined. The blackened outline fell away like sloughed flesh, revealing a healed emerald god underneath. His blackened stump fell off at the elbow, with a new arm growing.

He laughed, the sound of a shrieking goat.

“Oh, this is good. A stubborn Anform with the power of the glowing one Himself!”

The being took a passive pose, taking Soltana off guard.

“I give up. I will not hurt your friends.”


Soltana was utterly confused by the sudden surrender.

He rushed in grabbing her and pinning her to the ground, face first. She felt a well tailored shoe upon her back, pressing down upon her. The stone cracked under the pressure, but her frame held firm. She felt a fist slammed down into the back of her head. It came down atop her as a hammer blow. He struck, cracking the earth beneath her.

Damage sustained – seek immediate repairs!

Soltana blacked out for a second, only to feel a fist strike her head again. The being had tricked her. Her Seal was not firing.

Damage sustained – seek immediate repairs!

She could feel her internals stressing to the point of breaking. Her terror was full on realized.

I cannot fail my friends again! Soltana thought. Not like Lucifer. She would not repeat that failure. She blacked out again as a fist slammed her skull.

Damage sustained – seek immediate repairs!

A fist rained down on her head.

Damage sustained – seek immediate repairs!

The stone cracked under the force of blows, if she were any other material, she would have shattered.

Damage sustained – seek immediate repairs!

In between the blows, she used her Solar Weld module in an unorthodox fashion. She emitted a burst from every point on her body. The roaring crack blast echoed out, a mini super nova.

The bashing stopped as the being lept back from the sudden heat. Soltana felt no follow up as her body glowed from the solar energy. It took a massive amount of power to do such a thing, which she prayed the being wouldn’t think to calculate.

“Very good combat instinct! I haven’t felt such pain in a time. And a time! I figured if I am not actively threatening those you care for, your Seal powers go dark. I was right!” He stated smugly with a laugh, the white teeth standing out from the blackened cracked flesh.


He stood neutral, adjusting his charred jacket and frock.

“I wish to chat more, but my time has come to a close. I got everything I needed. I also came here to chat with my love, Ruth and check up on her- test her a bit! It looks like she’s doing great. I couldn’t be prouder of the people she’s surrounded with!” The being explained as the charred flesh sloughed off, new flesh and clothes regenerated underneath.

“A reward for your bravery!”

I do not understand. What is happening?

Soltana was at a loss as she stood. Her body cooled down, foggy steam curled around her tiny form. The being was kneeling down, face to face with her. She was absolutely confused by the sudden change. The storm had simply ceased.

“The reward?”

“A trade!”

“A name for a name.”

“A ‘who are you?’ for a ‘who are you?’”

The being paused with a massive smile. Soltana skipped a process at what was happening.

“Sound fair?”

Soltana compiled the offer. She felt she gained more from knowing who this creature was as opposed to him knowing her. The god already knew her abilities and what she looked like.

She nodded quietly, unsure where this was going.

“Don’t be so shy! Or do- it looks attractive on you!” The being stated with a chuckle.

He tipped his hand, motioning for Soltana to exchange the information first.

“I am Soltana, a Lambent, Seal holder, and The Guardian.”

The being’s mouth closed in thought as he nodded, taking in the info.

“Well, Soltana. You are staring at Neon, the Emerald God.”

Something didn’t fit. Something was off with his information. She wasn’t born yesterday; just reborn.

“That’s a lie,” Soltana stated plainly, pointing a tiny digit towards the strange god.

He bust out with laughter at being caught.

“You’re correct! Very sharp. Not many call me out on that.”

“Very well.”

He stood with a flourish and bow.

The voice boomed, crushing down on her, which did nothing apart from sound intimidating.

“I am Genius Loci, the Emerald god of Dark Knowledge,”

The world was silent, as if taking in this new information.

“Not many know that,” He whispered as he palmed his mouth; a secret between enemies.

“Soltana, it was a pleasure fighting you. Please grow big and strong. Someday I would love to be the one to dissect you at your prime!”

He walked past her, patting her on the head as he waltzed to the tall frozen angel.

Genius Loci cocked his head, pondering at the sole angel in front of him.

“Huh, there used to be two here. Looks like half-clap was wise and escaped.”

“Oh well, one is better than none!”

He gripped at the horse necklace, undoing it from the tall angel’s neck.

A green portal opened up behind the tall and thin armored angel. A gentle push sent it flying in. He took a glance at the necklace and blanched.

“I think… I’ll pass on that one…” He muttered as the portal winked out. The necklace clattered to the ground.

The other copy of Neon was desperately trembling, trying to free itself.

“Oh too bad! Well, you were too slow. Looks like I’m the original now!”

Soltana had little context of what he meant as the Genius Loci comically lifted the other god up by the feet, balancing it atop his palm, the copy standing straight as a board.

His mouth opened wide as he dumped the copy god down his gullet. He gulped it down, wiping at his large mouth with a sigh. He had, in essence, devoured himself.

He moved back to Diniel, pausing to stare down at the angel.

“I return your powers as they were. Take care of my future specimens,” Genius Loci said with mirth.

“And with that, I leave my official contractors to do as they please! But not too much fun, that’s for official members only,” The god stated, wagging his finger.

What he meant, Soltana didn’t know.

His form changed to that of an emerald betafly. With a final wave, he gracefully took off, deep into the Underrealm.

Soltana was left by herself and the bodies of her fallen friends. The adamantite spear from the tall angel was left discarded as was the horse necklace.

She was suddenly confused by everything, her anger extinguished by the dumbfounding events. A moon had begun to crash atop them, only to reverse course away from their destination. Nothing made any sense. She had little hesitation that if Genius Loci meant it, they would all perish.

She waited. Minutes passed as the quiet hum of the glowshrooms song carried. The billowing hellfire snuffed out. All was at peace.

“Soltana!” L’yophin shouted. He recovered from his paralysis and skittered to her.

“Soltana!” He shouted again as the large skittering spider scooped her up into his four limbs.

He spun around filled with joy that everything was alright. The angels had left or were vanquished, the god had left elsewhere for some reason. They were wounded in heart and mind, but they survived. Soltana felt her world spin as the Dugrum held her, chittering excitedly in his tongue.

“L’yophin!” Soltana replied, gaining her barings.

The Dugrum stopped, holding Soltana and gazing at her intently.

“We lived! You changed! You saved us!” L’yophin shouted.

Soltana felt filled from the victory. Her calling had been fulfilled in this moment. However there were lessons learned.

Genius Loci understood her weakness. If he was not actively trying to harm her friends, her power would not activate. He could somehow manipulate his own intent to snuff her reactive powers out.

And she knew the name of the perpetrator that harmed Ruth. A name for a name. She had somehow impressed Genius Loci, the Emerald God of Dark Knowledge enough for him to offer such a trade. He knew of at least two of the Seal holders now, but she knew his name and at least one title. She remembered Lucifer’s twenty-two domains she had mastery over; the ones she knew of. Genius Loci may not be as different.

“Yes, L’yophin, I am unsure how we did it.”

Diniel suddenly moved, looking around curiously, the spell undone.

“We are victorious?” He asked, his befuddlement out of character for him. He lowered his knicked katana, his wings and shoulders dropping.

L’yophin put Soltana down, staring in wonder at the angel. Soltana made her way, running to Ruth.

“Ruth!” Soltana cried out, seeing a now human form laying where Ruth’s flesh mound was moments ago.

There in its place was the form of a small woman with long blond hair down to her feet that covered her fetal form. Soltana could see the pronounced Seal upon her throat.

“Ruth…” Soltana murmured as she gently touched her shoulder.

Ruth’s eyes snapped open, her hazel eyes staring to Soltana.

“Soltana?” Ruth asked, her face a mixture of seriousness and wonder.

With some effort, Ruth stood to look down upon the tiny Lambent. She stood at five and a half feet. Ruth hugged herself at the sudden chill. She was naked and unashamed.

Unashamed. And cold. Strands of silked flowed from her flesh, weaving for herself a grey robe.

“Ruth, you’re human,” Soltana pointed out.

Ruth glanced at her hands, her face twisted with unfamiliarity.

She gently picked up Soltana.

“Soltana, you’re not a head!”

“And you’re small!” Ruth added, whispering the last word.

Soltana was content to studying Ruth’s face, gazing at her bright hazel eyes.

Ruth pouted her lips, blinking something back.

There must be dust in her eyes. That fight was really intense.


She sniffed and then smiled.

“You saved us, Soltana. See? And you said you weren’t a Guardian!”

Soltana could not reply as Ruth hugged her.

She felt at her golden hair, feeling the soft warmth of it.

“I like your hair,” Soltana replied quietly.

Ruth giggled at that, her sadness vanishing. Soltana couldn’t imagine how they succeeded, she would have been incorrect to say it was based on their strength. They had a lot of growing to do.

Diniel stood by them, interjecting.

“Ruth, it appears that this battle has revealed to you your true form. And the Ancath soul within.”

Ruth was suddenly angry at the angel, placing Soltana down to the ground.

“Why did you not allow me to devour and grow? I could have helped defeat Neon!”

DIniel crossed his arms, responding in a calm fashion.

“You would not have been able to handle it, Ruth.”

“Not yet.”

Ruth looked down, nodding at that.

Soltana felt there was more to that rebuke but it would saved for another time.

L’yophin skittered over.

“Ruth, Neon fed you part of himself and almost destroyed you.”

Ruth glanced to the spider, pursing her lips.

“L’yophin, where is Zenner and Onsort?” Soltana inquired, looking back to see an empty crab shaped power armor suit.

“They were here…” L’yophin muttered.

Diniel stood over the Dugrum, all arms folded.

“L’yophin the Dugrum, it has been an age since we last met.”

The spider glanced up at the angel, appearing shy.

“Uh yes… Hello,” L’yophin began as his eight eyes darted in pairs.

Soltana had not seen this side of L’yophin; tongue tied shy.

The angel quietly chuckled at the introduction.

“As talkative as ever. We have much to discuss.”

Soltana stepped beside L’yophin, glimpsing at him. She caught his eyes and nodded to him. He gave a slight spidery smile, encouraged by her new presence.

Ruth awkwardly stepped over beside L’yophin, her new legs shaky. She glanced to the Dugrum with a stiff smile. L’yophin returned it and then breathed out a determined sigh before glancing to the angel.

“You will not hurt Ruth, nor will you take Soltana,” L’yophin demanded.

The angel cocked his head at that, giving out a deep laugh of tall trees rustled by deep wind.

“It appears you may see me as a third antagonistic party. No.”

“I am here to make amends.”

Everyone cocked their head at the strange response.

“My past was not fully dealt with and thus it was yours to unintentionally burden. And now due to your bravery; Basil and the other Scarabaeidae included, my past has finally been redeemed. Two of my former demons have been dealt with; Forcas and Abezethibou.”

Soltana had missed all but the tail end of the fight.

A story I cannot wait to hear.

“And that tall angel was taken,” Soltana included.

Diniel glanced back to the ruins of the moss planes, catching sight of the fallen lance.

“Barthin? Then the Emerald demon…”

“Yes. He seemed quite pleased with his catch,” Soltana added.

Diniel looked down, nodding sadly at that.

“Perhaps a fate worse than destruction. I then assume Azazel has fled.”

Diniel went to his knees bowing deep to the ground, face on the burnt mossy earth. Everyone was taken aback. An angel was submitting to them.

“I cannot ask for adequate forgiveness. A planet’s worth is not enough. My past hesitation caused much of this. They continued to torment others because of me. Because of my past ties and feelings, I could not end them at the time.”

“I am weak.”

Soltana was the first to walk to the angel, gently placing a hand on his head.

“As am I,” Soltana admitted.

The angel paused, craning his head up at her. The tongue of flame above his head flickered.

“Come with us,” Soltana invited.

She held out her hand, awaiting his.

“I cannot leave the Underrealm. Azazel still lives.”

L’yophin cleared his throat as he skittered to Soltana’s side. She felt a gentle limb dwarfing her shoulder.

“Will he return with the threat of that emerald god?”


“What about the Fae? Are they not sufficient?”

Diniel nodded as he rose to his knees.

“This is true. The fae have reached a power beyond even I. My blessings were undone; my shrine vanished to nothing but barest molecules.”

He gazed out into the dimly lit darkness of the Underrealm.

“It may be time to let the Underrealm grow up on its own.”

“And besides, you owe us a debt for all of your trouble!” Ruth stated, folding her arms.

Her face scowled at the angel.

Soltana caught her eye.

Ruth winked.

“You’re not getting off easy until you repay us for all the suffering you’ve caused!” Ruth demanded.

L’yophin looked askance at seeing her demand anything from the guardian of the Underrealm.

Ruth pinched her lips, stifling her slowly forming smile. Her facade cracked as she blushed, hiding her face behind her hair.

Diniel laughed, the sound of trees bowed by fierce wind. He paused, breathing in deeply.

“Verywell! If that is how it is. I acquiesce to your authority. As Seal holders, take my hand.”

Soltana glanced to Ruth who met her eyes. She nodded as they stepped forward, gently grasping the larger hand of the angel.

“Ah, I feel the pronounced lineage in both of you. For Ruth, your lineage is long and rich, a well grown tree. Soltana, your lineage is still a seed; mighty but ungerminated. You are the first of your generation that I see.”

Soltana was shocked by that statement. She felt a deep loneliness in her theonware at that.

“There aren’t many of us?”

“Or perhaps there are more, but your lineage begins with your creators,” Diniel countered.


Diniel breathed a sigh, appearing to heft a large burden.

“I, Diniel, Angel of Lineage and Angel of the Faeward, do bind myself in covenant with the Seal holders, Soltana the Guardian and Ruth the Matriarch. I will be as a tutor, protector, and guide. Do you accept?”

Ruth nodded, speaking first.

“I accept.”

Her Seal upon her throat glowed orange for a brief second.

Her eyes darted to Soltana’s as she felt at her throat.

Soltana glanced up at the larger angel.

“I accept!”

Her Seal blazed orange hot, the covenant complete.

Remaining Power: 2/7500 QC

Soltana glanced back to L’yophin.

“Oh dear. L’yophin-”

Soltana did something very embarrassing just then. Her power went out and she felt herself fall, gently clattering to the earth.

She powered down In the middle of an important event.

Oh dear.


Everything went black.

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