Character Spotlight: Soltana

I am unsure of how Soltana’s character came to be. Same with L’yophin the Dugrum. It started simply with a strange Anform lost underground, only to be discovered by a curious spider. Her memory was borderline erased, leaving her name fragmented. She is different from all the other characters as she is completely broken from some unknown event. Remember depletion from previous spotlights? Soltana is starting anew, her story beginning at the technical end of her previous story, lost forever.

Soltana is logical, fearless, determined, naive, protective, helpful, and kind. She seeks to repair herself to fulfill her calling and walk again. And then explore the strange realm she ended up in. Consequently Soltana is our next protagonist for the next book release.

I’m looking for illustrators now, getting a book cover and Baxter. I’d love to have a Soltana illustration for the next book.

Check back at Christmas for a possible surprise.

Until next time.

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