Spotlight: Quantum Storage and FTL

For Quantum Storage Devices, or QSD, The idea occurred to me from a forgotten scientific paper/article of a scientist/engineer talking about the largeness of data and what it would mean once we get past yottabytes. He made an off-hand comment about how we could store X amount of matter after yottabytes. The idea was born alongside the Doom or other FPS’s; where did they store their weapons? With QSD also came limits. No storing of living matter, no transmuting of items, it takes time to materialize and dematerialize matter which is dependent on processing speed. Smaller QSD, such as rings or wristbands take time to materialize while a QSD pack would be much quicker. The other limit you may have noticed with Tettra’s story is manufacturing is extremely rare now. By that token, the value of QSD devices and other manufactured items has skyrocketed due to scarcity. What Gideon has yet to discover is that QSD tech has expanded.

And also that his vessel and QSD tech is now considered priceless as opposed to extremely valuable.

FTL limits were set in place early on, with FTL having to ‘scan’ ahead to prevent collisions. While many of the more modern vessels had protective shielding, it only guards the nose of the ship to its wake from smaller objects. It wouldn’t protect against an asteroid, comet, or large space debris. Wormholes are only made via gates and are more static, apart from the Cardinal Pyron Dethos’s Capital ship The Underfall Yard. That was only a witnessed exception. The Interdimensional Interstellar Drive was Primetech’s way of bridging that gap as galactic civilization lived or died from one thing: Resources.

With the population in the trillions, it was necessary to continually explore for more resources, with the civilization gaining power and influence for gathering the most. This made exploration necessary, yet dangerous. The IIT drive would have just needed two coordinates in space and you’re off. With satellite technology being as widespread as it is, it was simple to lock a coordinate in. Which was why it was kept secret on a secluded planet in a death system. Which was why Gideon had priority; leaving nothing to chance or leak.

What no one knew was you traveled through someone when you activated the IIT drive.

Until next time.

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