Character/Story Spotlight: Tettra and Depletion

The book began as a series of separate stories, each with their own quirky characters. It then morphed as the paint of each story spill and mixed together. Fantasy, Scifi, Post-Apocolypse, all mixed together into a strange and bizarre world where death is no more and the Kingdom of Heaven is missing. While Gideon is new to this whole idea of life after heaven, Tettra was born in it; she’s a part of it. The idea for her story morphed and metastasized the more I wrote. It was to the point the story you read of her is not actually the start to her story, I had decided to skip to the end of her first arc. Test readers were curious about her past and wanting to read more.

Tettra is sheltered, confident, sincere, whimsical, sharp, curious, a quick learner, attention lover, and way out of her league. She is in her big fish little pond phase as she leaves her small coastal town of Fife for the massive Basilica Conurbation of Saint Peter. Along the way, she and her steward Lazarus get involved in a locomotive heist, with demonic influence at the center. This was a good way to illustrate Tettra was both skilled in her magic but inexperienced in general combat, being overshadowed by Rich and Mike, Stugg and Lod, and Newman. She was strong with her wind abilities, but I felt not too strong. She was a terrible shot, which is a feat of itself as the pulse pistol lacked recoil.

She was the vessel I chose to demonstrate depletion by cutting her line to Fife with Tettra losing the blossoming love she had for Allen. I also chose it with Rich, who was a complete casualty. A character “dies” by forgetting who they are.

Which gets me into the narrative of depletion.

I hit a wall early in my writing of what a post-armageddon universe would look like. The first major change was that death was no more. So now characters can’t die. Now how does one have tension anymore?


Memory would be the only thing that continually changes in an eternal universe. And now it’s the main narrative’s “healthbar”. Superficial damage won’t cause depletion. In Tettra’s case, hers was brought on by using magic she had no experience in and drained herself beyond her body’s limit, on top of the broken bone and emotional trauma she experienced. But now it opens up the narrative for a character to not only “die”, but reincarnate as they begin anew, growing into something else. Just a small nod to the second book.

Until next time.


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