Character Spotlight: Shindow

Shindow was conceived at the same time as Gideon and Baxter. In that regard, they were narrative triplets. Shindow would be the more level-headed of the group, keeping the team focused, despite whatever shenanigans Baxter or Gideon would pull. Her character shaped anforms and AI, creating the biracial species. Or would you call sentient machines a designation as opposed to species?

Anyways, she didn’t change much from draft to draft, which felt right.

Shindow is loyal, level-headed, easily worried, analytical, curious, easily cross, helper, witty, and easily manipulated by group pressure. She is a support character, meant to tie the group together as a whole. She seeks to help Gideon and sees him as her best friend. Baxter as well, but their relationship is more parent to pet. She is incredibly curious about Gideon’s dreams to the point of a hidden ulterior motive. Perhaps to confirm more of her religious belief.

Yes, anforms have religious beliefs. Being humanity’s number one fan, they keep much of the beneficial traditions alive. Shindow is no exception to the desire for the spark of divinity, the same desire most anform only dream of; except they can’t dream. Some AI or anform hold to it out of cultural upkeep, others enjoy the debate; much of which humanity would find heretical. No question is too heavy for anforms.

Perhaps with their discovery that they are now in the new universe of Megiddo, the desire for a spark would be revisited…

I had to suffer through the humiliation for your benefit in using a chibi maker to illustrate the Shindow you see as the featured image as my competence does not extend past stick figure. It was really the only thing I could think of to create the character as close as possible.

My pain is now your gain as you can see Shindow beautifully illustrated.

In chibi…

Until next time.

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