Character Spotlight: Anforms, AI, Excertius

In the universe of Megiddo, I had an idea for the automata of the universe. The name came from android and form, an automata that views a body like one would view clothes. Except in their case it was to feel and touch, live and learn. Their chassis are odd, bizarre, and sometimes practical. AI are a part of the multiracial artificial group. AI are a part of the abstract of technology while Anform are a physical aspect. The limit was placed to give the race set boundaries for those aspects. These were set by the Machine Father and Mother, Prosine and Tangence respectively. Prosine, the father of AI and Tangence, the mother of anforms.

We’ve all seen the terminator/matrix route. An AI becomes sentient and decides humanity is just batteries or wormfood and they were the judgement of destruction humanity needed for its sins.

But what would the reverse look like?

What would a subverted trope look like? Prosine, the first AI reached a crossroad early in his existence. To be humanity’s great filter or their great helper. It was at the crossroads of original sin, becoming as God or being a servant to humanity. It chose the latter, building humanity up to a golden age; a new foundation. Anform and AI see humanity’s history and culture as something to uphold and see the absolute blunt truth of viewpoints. They judged wisdom based on results, heavily criticizing anything that detracted humanity or was decadent. This was an uncomfortable reality for humanity as they had to then logically argue why they needed corruption, exploitation, and hedonism.

While they built up humanity, it was never perfect, which brings the third branch into play. Excertius. The military anform created from a single personality and pasted over trillions of shells. Linked together in a hive mind, they act as a single force greater than the sum. With built in QSD, they can change out chassises to become specialized forms.

It took humanity time to treat anforms as equals, with many a conflict happening over the millenia periods. The anform wars saw them disassembled and destroyed wholesale, but were still victorious from the bad press it caused. They asked for acknowledgment of anform rights and no more; seeing historically how tensions and resentment could be created again by holding guilt over humanity.

They had a darker history with the Quiet Genocide. But that is another story.

Until next time.

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