Lessons Learned

This has been a great writing experience. Thank you all for the support.

I’ve heard the criticism and will work on editing those changes.

-Info dumps will be kept spread out so as not to overwhelm readers. Especially chapter 2 which has the largest drop off even after cutting 4k words. WordPress to full chapter is still available.

-Remove the order of Seal holders. Very confusing without any payoff. Juggling cats. Superfluous info can be cut.

-Replace Alex the Anform with Prosine. Makes more sense and the reveal has a bigger impact. Prosine is involved with the family so it stands to reason he is the one managing Gideon’s training.

Those are the major changes to help keep the story consistent and entertaining.

Many are waiting to see Gideon and his crew get to a live planet. With the next book being focused on Soltana, I will not forget them.

I’ll be making a special release on the next book for Christmas.

Until next time.

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