Character Profile: Deborah

Deborah, Lesser Angel of Multitudes.

Creating a late story character is tough, I’ve found. You have little time for them to shine, and that can lead them to be either overshadowed by the narrative plot twists, or they shine too brightly. In Deborah’s case, juxtaposing her and the demon both rushing to Gideon felt right. Having both characters stalking after Gideon was confusing to many readers, which was intentional. Deborah being masked by the black robe, which was a warning to readers to fear from the Empire of Dusk would have hopefully tricked people into thinking the planet’s old inhabitants were still present.

And then she revealed her true nature.

Deborah is wise, calm (usually), patient, strong of will, inexperienced, cloistered, diligent, and stiff-minded. She had a few iterations, with the final draft being the result. The explanation for her being a lesser angel explained that she has free will. She needs to train harder than other angels and because of that is weaker than an average angel, but still far stronger than a normal man, such as Gideon. However, her gains were always slow. Angels start stronger than normal but grow slowly. She compared nicely to Saddiffer; a bird that could never be caught, being chased by a cat that could never be killed.

This will open up the fun part of the story, the merging of magical and science; fantasy and science fiction. the tension between the crew is high due to an angel and demon sharing the same vessel. How will the crew interact?

Only the future knows.

Until next time.


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