Character Profile: Gideon

Our main protagonist went through many iterations. Gideon McDonough being a part of corporatic royalty from a different era fit the bill. Having a character who is both removed from our modern times and from the universe of Megiddo would give the readers a character who had as much knowledge as them; none. Fish out of water scenario felt best for exploring this bizarre reality.

Gideon is determined, level headed (somewhat), leader, insecure, humble, selfish, introspective, explorer, clever, and seeking of one thing. Glory. All of his motivation for going on a potentially deadly test flight, sacrificing his easy life, and even isolated himself from family was due to this. Insecure identity and a need to define himself by glory kept him motivated and somewhat sober. The same glory his siblings and parents enjoyed.

It felt right to make his alcoholism subtle enough for many to miss, impacting them when he burns out during the emergency meeting.

And now he has the glory of being the sole heir of Primetech, and no one knows. His use of the Seal felt right. He refused to acknowledge the two choices and forged his own. Until next time.

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