Author’s Notes: The Future

Well, missed my 43-day streak by minutes. Oh well. Vanity.

Anyways, the future of the series is pretty well set in my mind. And in many cases on paper.

Here is the order of books:

The Book of Gideon – Complete

The Book of Soltana – Ongoing

The Book of Tettra – Ongoing

The Book of Gideon 2 (Hell’s Pursuit; working title) – Ongoing

The Book of Kheros – Planned

The Book of Bouffant – Planned

The Book of Gideon 3 (Tentative title) – Planned

The Book of Enoch – Planned

The ones that are ongoing are set in stone on their completion. That is to say, I have enough material to finish them outright; time and words written is all I lack. many are in various states of written. The planned ones are just that; the planning phase. The Book of Kheros and Bouffant maybe rolled into one If I cannot gather enough material. The big secret of The Book of Soltana is that it is complete. It is just unedited. I had written a good portion of it throughout the year, but sat down and re-wrote earnestly after a strategic layoff. I earned a two-month vacation starting in September and finished the book in October. I intended it to be shorter than Gideon’s.

My intentions were shattered as it surpassed Gideon. On the first write. For comparison, the Book of Gideon ended at about 330 pages. After the 4th rewrite; what you see on WordPress, you now have a hair’s breadth after 420 pages with 48 chapters. Soltana Reached a chapter count of 52, at page 435. What will the second or third rewrite bring? Possibly not as much, as Gideon really was trailblazing for my writing. I had little idea of concrete story concepts. But now that they’re solidified, I’m more confident in the story as a whole.

After December you’ll start to see the next book release, albeit more slowly.

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