Character Profile: Saddiffer


When writing the book, I had many different ideas for an antagonist, one of which involved Void and Entropy, who are mere whispers and visions at this point. What was a mindless monster roaming the wasteland of the dead moon had now become an actual character, one that has shaped the future of the story.

He is strong. Really strong. Durable, pernicious, selfish, opportunistic, blunt, honest (for a demon), lone, condescending, and power hungry; a slave to his instinct. And yet defeated by a simple corgi in a fluke of a gesture. A fumble at the height of his victory. But because Baxter is particular, he survived and is now possessed by the ridiculous dog. He was given an equally ridiculous name to replace the one he had lost.

It started with the idea of a demon that had spent so long traveling to a planet; slower than FTL; most divine and demonic travel quickly, but not that quickly. This would necessarily mean it had been traveling far longer than the revealed date. Perhaps time had gone on far longer than Prosine, the first AI, relayed. Who he was has been long lost, perhaps for the better now with his change. What he will become of him now that he has been shanghaied into Gideon’s crew is anyone’s guess. After entering into a covenant with Gideon, an act that has yet to be gauged on whether or not it was a good idea. Bound both by doggy contract and a potentially misused godly covenant, Saddiffer lies dormant.

And now Saddiffer and Baxter are inseparable.

But who will influence who?

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