Character Profile: Baxter

Character Profile: Baxter

Baxter is one of those characters that wrote himself over time. I didn’t intend for him to be the character that he is. During test reads, he turned out to be the most popular character. Followed by Gideon, and then the third most popular character was surprisingly Gideons father, Mikial McDonough… 

Funny enough, I intended Baxter to be a simple dog that followed Gideon during his travels. However initial drafts had me hating this character to the point he was killed off in the first draft. The first draft was completely alien to the story we have now.

As I wrote him, the pen was taken from my control, and I let it flow on its own. What became an annoying pet was now the comedic relief. My plan to kill Baxter was in and of itself killed.

Baxter is quirky, unaware, loyal, helpful, insatiable for steak and strangely egoist. If something doesn’t fit to him, he’ll try to right it. Renaming the hive minded Excertius to Steak and Pat (now Patricia due to a misunderstanding) had two new characters caused by his act of well meaning mischief. He is a lot smarter than he lets on, with him stealing Karmmrak’s armory and his fighting support.

And then his possession of a demon. That narrative choice was based purely out of humor. A what if. And I felt it worked. Due to Baxter’s actions, Gideon now has three new crewmates.

Tune in next time for another character profile.

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