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As we move into the full blossom of the third act, I think back to the time this story was just an idea last year. I had never intended to write, leaving it as a desire consigned to the closet of “would’ves”. The changes in my own personal life lit a fire of desire that I could not stop. I couldn’t stop thinking about characters, story, locations, settings, technology, and magic; all married together. The idea of the quantum storage drive came about when I heard of the different sizes of space used. Some of was unfathomable that one could hardly calculate it.

For instance, I chose domegemegrottebyte (dombytes) as that was such a badass and ridiculous name. The size is too large for the human mind to truly comprehend.

1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 bytes (1 to the power of 33!)

The other idea was from FPS’s of all places, ala doom and quake. Where did Doomguy keep all of his weapons? Bam! Stored it as pixelated data in a quantum storage container. The idea birthed a large portion of the story and technology. Alongside the rules for storage. Can’t store living tissue or living beings, can only store until full, and can only retrieve what you stored. Can’t store a cup to then get a steak. It was a purposeful limitation that seemed more interesting than practical. In a practical world, we would be using raw quantum power to get gold. Then we’re into to a certain other scifi level of tech all over again.

Early in the second chapter, alchemy was described, in that you could store sand and transpose it into gold, at a large power cost equal to the distance in periodic table elements.

Well, that’s for another time. 🙂

I’ll just say technology is not stagnant in many cases.

Now onto the plot twist of Chapter 25. The text has been whited out, highlight if you’ve read it. SPOILER WARNING.





Spoiler ahead.

Gideon, his crew, and the Decima have been launched forward in time and location, missing the apocalypse completely. They now have a lesser guardian angel, Deborah, who had been stalking them since Baxter’s first trip to the surface of the grey ash moon. This is the idea of the book as a whole, a man lost in time and space who missed the Armageddon, or Megiddo. This was the core idea of the series, which I decided to draw out until the third act. What strange adventures will he be led to?

As the third act journey’s into its twilight, I’ll be speaking more of the plans I have for the future writing. For now, the adventures of the two characters you read of, Gideon and Sol will not end with this book. Nor will it end with the third character, who has yet to be introduced.



The Book of Gideon: Name – 26

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