Not a Chapter: Author’s Notes

We’ve reached near the halfway mark for the first book.

Yes, the first book.

My plan is for several books, all spanning the different characters throughout the After Megiddo universe. What you’ve all read before is just a scratch of the universe our characters are setting out to explore. I’ll leave it at that.

There is a guestimate of nine books or more planned, with the second one being written as we speak.  Many of the dreams you have read may seem confusing but they are all foreshadowing of future ideas. For instance, writing about Lucifer was actually a fun concept, in which Lucifer is a woman who is in ‘love’ with humanity. Her love is a twisted one, seeking it out of selfishness and for her own glory. So much so she would give them anything they desire, even if it destroyed them. For Lucifer, tough love is the only love. She seeks to make humanity stronger, in a twisted fashion, sending them nasty trials, temptations, torture, destruction, and discouraging words that all have the effect of either making humanity stronger.

Or killing them.

She is brutal in failure; decadent in success.

When I began to write about Lucifer, it suddenly became very disquieting to write (Free – Chapter 7). My spirit felt troubled writing of this mad character. While you’ve only had a glimpse of her now, she will return in the future.

Thank you and enjoy.

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