Not a Chapter: Author’s Notes

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the writings so far. We’re getting into the second act, with our main character Gideon marooned on a dead moon owned by his most feared enemy, the Empire of Dusk. Our second character, Sol, has only just been rescued with the hopes of being repaired by her savior; a strange creature from a spider-like alien race.

What I’d like to muse one is character writing. What I’ve noticed when it comes to writing is I will have a draft on characters that go in a certain direction. Once I start writing, though, the plan for the characters usually branch out, leaving behind the constraining draft I intended to set. Many times, I find myself liking the newer iteration of characters more than the previous, with the newer iteration sometimes saving themselves from an untimely author-written demise. Many times, a character was meant to go away resulted in the character being kept and then which ended up being loved by the readership.

What am I trying to say? Good question.

Don’t be hemmed in by your drafts. Sometimes a character will take your pen and write themselves. Other times a character you thought you’d love ends up needing to die to advance the story. There are times I forgot a character existed in the story, as the surrounding characters were simply more compelling. In that instance, I felt there was no purpose apart from a few comedic chuckles and axed it completely. If you forget a character in your writings, does it really need to exist?

A good movie to see an example of characters writing themselves (Or if you like writing) is:

The Man Who Invented Christmas

A movie about Charles Dickens and his writing A Christmas Carol. As he invents his characters, they come to life and dialogue with him. They become their own entity and change his intended draft.

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The Book of Gideon: Estate – 15

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