Not a Chapter: Author’s Notes

I just wanted to say thank you all for the likes and reading, it means a lot to me to see people enjoying the writings. I’m working hard on editing right now for the next portion of the story and will begin regular releases. I had rushed the first ten chapters as I was wanting to get a good gauge of people’s reactions.

Is WordPress a sight worth investing in?

I would say yes. The ease of access, great design, and impressive layouts make for a superior blog site to release my works. I’ve also released to Royal Road, another good publishing site and have had decent success there.

Now for the story. I was originally inspired by a dream of the apocalypse. It was truly a bizarre one that felt too real. To this day I can recall it as if it just happened. I was witnessing the end of times, but not with fire and brimstone. People willingly left the old ways to die to join in the new.

All at once, the dead were resurrected along the shores of all the nations. People noticed right away their loved ones, friends, family, and those who passed away hours before were present. Those in the small beach towns stopped activity to go and see the amazing sights. Word spread, and those in the cities absconded, leaving behind everything. A CEO left behind his business to see his deceased daughter, leaving the keys to his secretary. She left and eventually the ownership made its way down to the janitor, who promptly abandoned them to join the throng of sojourners.

The old society died not because of war, famine, or destruction, but because something greater arrived. the blood of the old society, people, had left, leaving behind earthly ways. The empty buildings and abandoned streets were the corpses of the old. A new way of living had begun without a single drop of blood spilled. Tears were shed, but blood was not.



The Book of Gideon: Hideaway – 12

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